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The Color of Me

The Color of Me

The Color of Me

by Linda L. McDunn
Liturgical Press
Hardcover 978-0-81462-952-9

What color is God? A large gathering and a calming rain leads a child to find the surprising answer in this story. While learning the answer, the child discovers one of the greatest messages of all.

The Color of Me is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells of the many colors of God’s creation and the goodness of the colors. McDunn delightfully describes the value of all colors as she recounts how God created the Earth and identifies the effects of creation. Children will relate to the concepts of colors and coloring in The Color of Me as they learn values of acceptance, appreciation, and respect for everything that God made. Perfect for parents and educators to read to children and for early readers to read themselves. For children ages four to eight.

The Color of Me - back cover artwork
From the back cover of The Color of Me</em

One Day a child asked a gathering of people a simple, yet profound question: “What color is God?”

After some confusion, and in the midst of a calming rain as the child learns how God placed all the colors in the creation of the soils, plants, animals, and people, the answer unfolds: God is the same color as each of us.